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Monthly Archives: August 2012

For those of us plagued with eye and vision problems, it is not always easy to find quality spectacles that can cope with a number of different situations. The company Eyejusters have obviously noted this need and have developed a set of glasses that are completely self-adjustable. The focus of the glasses can be altered… Read More

Ahh Paris – the city of romance. For many it is the ideal holiday destination to spend some quality time with a loved one. It is of course famous for its wealth of quality restaurants that are just begging to be explored. One such destination also happens to be located on the top of the… Read More

An essential feature of schoolrooms, hospitals, offices and anywhere where timekeeping is important, the IBM clocks of the 1960s were seemingly an ever-present in the America (and beyond) of the past. Well, now they’re back! Teaming up with the company Schoolhouse, IBM have  re-issued the classic designs to a whole new audience. Hand assembled in Portland, Oregon,… Read More