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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A trip to the cinema can at times be joyful, scary or life-affirming, but sadly it’s not often that modern cinema buildings impress. Modern multiplexes of the sort that surround much of the Western world are often dull looking places and all of the beauty and action is to be found on screen. However, this… Read More

Combining the idea of a torch with an emergency light, the Trioh! flashlight from Oregon-based designer Greg Hinzmann has the¬†ingenious automatic function of turning itself on when the power goes out. Never again will the owner be scrabbling around in the dark for a torch with this canny device; it will be in plain view… Read More

Let’s face it – no matter your age there are a few things in life as cute and, if you have a sweet tooth, as enticing as a sweet shop. However, not all of them look as good as this fine example designed by Australian company Red Design Group. The Melbourne store was created for… Read More