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Monthly Archives: June 2012

In many parts of the world, the wily old fox is seen as a menace. Sure, they knock over bins and occasionally eat chickens but in the end they’re only doing what comes naturally. And whether you like them or loathe them, everyone can agree on the fact that they have an instantly recognizable appearance…. Read More

Every room and every home comes with its own strengths and weaknesses – the task for the occupier is to make the very best of wherever they happen to be. One of the most obvious ways to do this is through convenient and stylish storage systems. Japanese design firm Miso can help with this with their wonderfully… Read More

Trying to bridge the gap between the natural world and the world of interior design is a noble, if sometimes difficult, goal. Designer Werner Aisslinger has managed to do this with some finesse with his green chair, an article of furniture that consists of a live plant growing in a steel set mould. The results… Read More