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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Animal heads mounted on interior walls are usually the preserve of old-fashioned ex-military types and keen hunters. Thankfully, they are a fairly rare sight these days as compassion for animals and greater restriction on hunting and bloodsports have increased steadily. Seeing animal heads made out of the famous children’s building blocks Lego therefore makes a nice… Read More

Paper is everywhere we look but rarely is it used quite as inventively as this. Cologne based artist Simon Schubert creates superbly detailed images of buildings and stately homes by folding sheets of paper. This sort of origami allows him to come up with the sort of stunning images seen here. The intricacies of architectural… Read More

Lighting and lamps are arguably one of the most important features of any room. Vital to relaxing, studying, eating or simply spending time with friends, well designed lighting is at the centre of it all. Apt then that the Blime series of teardrop-shaped lamps from New Yorker Alvaro Soto was partly created from a party atmosphere. Soto recorded the voices… Read More