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Monthly Archives: May 2012

As the famous song goes, it’s fun to be by the seaside. With the artfully designed SeaCity Museum in Southampton, Hampshire England, visitors might also learn something. This extraordinary construction has been designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre as a tribute to mark the 100th anniversary of the ill fated Titanic ocean liner, which was launched from… Read More

Leff amsterdam Facet55 Grey Wall Clock

The Dutch design company Leff Amsterdam specialise in products that tell the time or light up their surroundings in an original or surprising way. They aim to make life that little bit more interesting. With outspoken objects brought to life by a team of internationally renowned designers who all strive to bring their own personal… Read More

The fashion and design industry – some would say by its very nature – creates a terrific amount of waste product. Tons of perfectly usable material gets discarded every single day. In recognition of this fact, and being a practically minded sort of designer, Pepe Heykoop transforms the disused material in his Leather Loop series of stools. Using remnants… Read More