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Monthly Archives: March 2012

There’s no doubt about it – the finest meals can be described as art. But what about sandwiches? Well, that’s exactly what Oregon based artist Brittany Powell decided to prove with this idiosyncratic collection of edible masterpieces. By creating pastiches of the work of abstract and modernist artists Piet Mondrian (above) Jackson Pollock and Mark… Read More

Flowers, as even someone with the slightest interest in interior design will tell you, can really make a room. Bringing colour and fragrance to even the smallest and poorly lit of spaces they stand out as an essential for the home lover. It stands to reason then that they need somewhere suitable to be contained… Read More

There are many ways to turn a house into a home but one of the, unarguably, most important ways is to create a feeling of space. Open plan┬ádesign can make the most of a building’s available space and Japanese architects TANK have done just this with this Tokyo apartment, known as House K. Including kitchen… Read More