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Monthly Archives: September 2011

For the vinyl obsessed music lover who demands high quality music apparatus and ecologically sound equipment comes these eco-friendly turntables from high end manufacturers Sennheiser. Styled by UK designer Matthew Lim, the record players are made from cost effective, green materials. Including recycled and biodegradable materials such as cork, fibreboard and felt. The retro box is… Read More

Lots of us have a great respect and love for animals. But how many of us would choose to sit on an animal likeness? This exercise in surreal style might well raise a few eyebrows. The Spanish born artist Maximo Riera has over thirty years of experience in photography, painting and sculpture and this skill… Read More

Candles have always been used in the home from as far back as one can remember, as before the days of gas and electricity they provided both light and warmth. Indeed, today, many people even keep candles as functional items, as they can serve as backup light sources in the event of a power cut…. Read More