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Monthly Archives: August 2011

These wonderful vases from Yukihiro Kaneuchi are sculpted from sand. Based on the Japanese game of Bou-Toshi, where players take turns to remove sand from a mound supporting a central pole, the vases give the impression of being on the verge of collapse. A central glass tube supports the design and a covering of resin… Read More

This fantastic kitchen helper contains an oil bottle and pestle that combines to make a rolling pin. From Belgian designer Marcial Ahsayane. Known as a multi-functional roller, the Roll & Mix is made up of two halves. One half is an oil bottle and the other is a pestle for grinding. When put together they… Read More

The Yachiyo metal rug from London designer Philippe Malouin presents a unique piece of work. Handmade from galvanised steel rings and taking 3000 hours to create, the metal rug is based on Japanese chain mail design. Showcased earlier in the year at Milan Design Week, the rug was named after one of Malouin’s design interns…. Read More