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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Prolong the life of bedding and fine linens with a little tender loving care. Mattress care – Mattresses should be turned from top to bottom and upside down to avoid uneven wear. They should also be aired regularly by removing all the bedding and opening the bedroom window. Prolong the life of your mattress with… Read More

This curious installation from Japanese architect Yoichi Yamamoto for an Issey Miyake shop in Tokyo explores and has fun with the viewer’s sense of perception. Although the backs of the bright blue are firmly secured to the floor, when viewed from a certain angle (see below) it seems as though the chairs have seats and legs… Read More

There’s nothing like a mug of relaxing cocoa after a hard day. And if that all sounds a bit old and grey for your liking, never fear, for a group of designers from San Francisco known as Fuseproject have done their best to update the image of the hot drink. Called Talamanco Cocoa, the smart… Read More