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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Traditionally speaking, it is deemed to be good luck to find a four leaf clover, but we reckon that anyone discovering one of these great lights would be equally fortuitous. Inspired by the shape of the three leafed variety, Australian designer Brodie Neill’s Clover fitting for Italian brand Kundalini is one of those perfect examples… Read More

We all love to walk into a fresh smelling home and it is our sense of smell that often dictates how we feel about a place. Certain smells make us feel relaxed or energized, while others make us feel hungry or even disgusted. Our sense of smell affects our mood and state mind and there… Read More

The right linen and bedding can mean the difference between an average night’s sleep and a deep, restful experience that’ll leave you full of energy. Follow Dotmaison‘s five buying tips: Mattress – The mattress is vitally important to ensuring a healthy night’s shut-eye. The best way to decide which to buy is to lie on… Read More