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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Looking forward to a sizzling summer? Harper’s Bazaar is and they love our Hula glasses by LSA! Take a closer look… Drink in style this summer with this fantastic set of 4 Hula glasses by LSA. BUY NOW

Its summer time and people are getting into the spirit. Check out the Eva Solo ice cube cooler in the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magaizine – buy it now at Dotmaison. Take a closer look… This ice cube cooler not only makes ice cubes, but it stores them and keeps them cool. The lid serves as… Read More

Canada is famous for many things; beautiful countryside, free roaming wild bears, Celine Deon and good whiskey. Add to that the intrinsically maple-leafed practise of logging sports and you end up with quite the memorable holiday. According to its creators, the Log Chop Bench has been inspired by the art of the lumberjack and the… Read More