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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Photo © Ikunori Yamamoto Satoshi Itasaka’s wonderful Balloon Bench, a sculpture piece that combines a superb design aesthetic with all the elements of art installation, was inspired by the award-winning 1953 French film Le Ballon Rouge. This famous short film’s lead character is a helium-filled red balloon seemingly blessed with a mind of its own…. Read More

How’s this for something to show off to your guests? This curious looking construction is either, a) the poshest shed in the world or, b) an incredibly trendy park ranger’s office. Well, actually it’s neither – it turns out to be Poteet Architects‘ very modern take on the guesthouse.  Located in San Antonio, Texas USA,… Read More

Colour has the power to transform. A touch of a daring shade or a bold splash of contrasting colours can make the difference between a workable but plain interior space and a memorable and winning room. We welcome this approach at Dotmaison and this intriguing piece from Dutch designer Bas Kamp is certainly fearless in… Read More