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Yearly Archives: 2011

A series of surprisingly shaped vessels from French artisan-designer Matali Crasset are being exhibited until February 25 2012 (must get used to writing that year!) at the Mica Gallery near Rennes, France. Variously¬†shaped like horns, loudhailers and speaker parts, the series questions the objects’ status and traditional usage. Each of the vessels is made of… Read More

This wonderful hive-like interior was designed by Manchester based Liam Hopkins. Created for his design company Lazerian, these London headquarters used recycled¬†cardboard donated by media company Bloomberg. Pulped and then remodeled into the giant structure, the room is dominated by the structure. The grand meeting table – which has space for up to fourteen chairs… Read More

This super-modern chair from French designers Studio Aparte makes the most of its materials. Made from a composite of materials including ramie – a highly durable substance made from nettles – the chair is made to be strong and light. The design industry is just starting to get to grips with the opportunities presented by… Read More