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Monthly Archives: December 2010

How about this for the latest in green furniture? This modular and sustainable, stacking and shelving system was designed by minimalist designer Danny Giles. Made from recycled cardboard, each module is made out of five interlocking pieces to create an individual storage module. Stable enough to be used for standalone storage shelves, the modules can… Read More

There’s no better way to add fresh herbs to your cooking than with an indoor herb garden. Whether it’s a quick meal after work or a special dinner for family and friends, cutting a sprig of fresh herbs from your indoor herb garden is rather satisfying.While there is a vast array of indoor herb planters… Read More

Designs for Small Spaces, by Jennifer Hudson, brings together over 500 cleverly-designed products that provide stylish and functional ways to make the most of a living environment with limited space. Urban living is becoming increasingly crowded. Small space living is no longer a lifestyle choice but a necessity in most cosmopolitan cities around the world… Read More