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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Specialist Jane Sacchi tells us what to look for when investing in antique linen: Linen improves with age, acquiring its soft sheeny patina that makes it so sought after. It’s extremely hard wearing and should last at least two to three generations so store as you would any bedlinen (guard against moths with natural repellants… Read More

We save your carpets and couches with this great guide to removing red wine stains. STEP 1 As soon as you can, gently blot (with a white cloth or kitchen paper towel) from the outside in so the stain doesn’t spread, and keep doing this until you have removed as much of the stain as… Read More

We all want the perfect nights sleep but do we neglect our beds and bedding? We look at a few simple ways to look after bedding a create a better environment to catch your 40 winks. Every morning, throw back the bed covers for at least 20 minutes before re-making the bed to allow for… Read More