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There’s always time for tea – and if there isn’t, then just make it! Sip your brew of choice in style with the following choice items currently available at Dotmaison. Here are some selections of precisely what is required for a great cup of tea. Take the Barcelona Stoneware Teapot by La Cafetiere (above). Making tea in a… Read More


The bathroom, when suitably arranged, can be a place for relaxed composure and contemplation. A space to take one’s time and prepare for any activities or tasks that need to be done. It can also be a room to quickly utilise reliable products and accessories to make the most of limited time. A combination of… Read More


It is an unavoidable fact of modern life that at various points in the day, we all need to know what time it is. Even in the most relaxed of households, knowing precisely what hour or minute you’re in can avoid all sorts of unnecessary bother. When timepieces set in and around the home are… Read More