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The designers at Zone Denmark have a knack for creating a wonderful combination of style, finesse and practical usability that offers homes a chance to revel in a Scandinavian sense of style and cool finishing. Here at Dotmaison we love the way the brand presents practical solutions to every day activities packaged in the smartest… Read More


The summer months promise excitement, time off work or school and, hopefully, more than a few days of uninterrupted sunshine. When the holiday season approaches it’s always nice to know that the home – and most of all, the kitchen – is fully prepared for a spot of warm weather. With this in mind, here… Read More


The name ‘throw’ when referring to a blanket inspires a relaxed¬†feeling of home comfort; the fact that you can simply throw the piece across furniture and manage to make it look great speak volumes about the effortless charm and practical nature of the item. First applied to coverlets of Afghan origin, ¬†the Afghan blanket or… Read More