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Vases are one of the most distinctive and classical ways that you can add decorative touches to your home or office. Whether you desire a classical glass vase to highlight a gorgeous floral arrangement or a few contemporary glass vases to add some spice to your decorating scheme, there are many choices available from top names such as LSA, Rosenthal, Versace and Denizli. Vases can bring a quiet and classical beauty to any room, and with all of the contemporary vases available today the design choices when you are looking for a good quality glass vase are simply endless. You can choose between contemporary coloring paired with classic styling, a simply elegant glass vase, or a completely contemporary vase featuring artistic flair meant to intrigue and delight. The Arabesque Vase by Versace is a perfect example of the beauty and grace that can be reflected in a classically styled vase. This gorgeous vase features frosted designs in a classic shape that simply amaze and delight all that see it. Perfect for highlighting a grand bouquet of fresh cut flowers yet beautiful enough to stand alone, this gorgeous glass vase is truly breathtaking. LSA also makes a classically shaped vase that is truly astounding. The gorgeous Ava Glass Vase is another example of classic beauty that can truly astound. The Asymetric Vase by Denizli is a great contemporary vase that truly shows the world how gorgeous the world can be when viewed with a truly artistic perspective. The use of the classic glass paired with the contemporary asymmetric shape gives this vase a distinctly artistic flair, which adds loads of style! One of the easiest and most distinctive ways to add a decorative touch to any room is with gorgeous glass vases or contemporary vases. A vase adds an instant touch of class, and you cannot find more versatile home accessories. Classic glass vases add instant glamour and beauty, while contemporary vases add a touch of pizzazz and life to a room. Either way you choose to go, vases make excellent home or office decorations, and with the values that you can find and the classic names in home accessory design such as LSA, Rosenthal, Versace and Denizli, even if hot vases were not among the most prevalent fashion trends of today, you can never go wrong when you trust your home and office style to names like those.