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There are few ways that you can add that personal touch to your home that will truly make everyone that enters feel welcome and comforted. One of the things that you can do is to place decorative throws throughout your house. You can use functional cotton throws or glamorous cashmere throws because regardless of the material you select, bed throws as some people call them, can add a touch of comfort to any person in any room. There are a great variety of colors and styles of decorative throws available in the market place today, ranging from fun and trendy, to soft and luxurious, the list of the kind of throws available goes on and on. As always we look for top of the line products for our customers, so while you will find a huge range in the style of throws available here, the one thing you won’t find is a great range of quality. Because we only use designers that offer top quality every time, and with names like Missoni, Diletto Casa, and Somma you know that you are going to get the quality you expect time after time. We have some gorgeous cashmere throws available from designers such as Alexandre Turpault, Diletto Casa, and Somma. These top of the line bed throws not only make your house more comfortable but they showcase your wonderful taste in home accessories as well. And on a cold winters day, you can wrap yourself in the comfort you can only find with a top of the line cashmere when you indulge in one of these gorgeous decorative throws! Most of our gorgeous cashmere bed throws feature classic solid color styling and fabulous fringed edging, so that they add a decorator touch, and blend perfectly with the coloring and style of any room in your home.