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  Bedding   Flowers and Vases
  Buying Guides - Everything you need to know when buying; mattresses, duvets and pillows   Care Guide - How to care for cut flowers
      Style Guide - Using the right vase for your arrangement
  Care Guides - Look after your bedding and it will look after you!    
                      - Top tips on caring for your bedlinen    
  Fabric   Antique Advice
  Fabric Glossary- From thread counts to poplin, whats does it all mean?   What to look for when investing in antique linen
  Care Guide - How to really look after your fabrics   Things to consider before buying an antique bed
  Top Tip - Removing red wines stains from fabric and carpet    
  Moving Home    
  Detailed advice on all aspects of moving home; from the planning to the packing we try to help     Who is Fiona?