Kylie Bedding - Kylie at Home Bedding

The glorious Kylie at Home bedding range brings the winning personality and renowned style of celebrated singer and actress Kylie Minogue from the concert to the bedroom.  Dotmaison are proud to present this beautifully designed collection of duvet covers, pillowcases, cushions and throws; all capturing the sophisticated glamour and chic essence of the Australian megastar and all-round fashion icon.

Produced to the highest possible standards, the Kylie bedding collection features a wide variety of exquisite designs that make use of the highest quality materials; from glistening organza and delicate satins, to silky soft cotton and sequin lace trim.

The range features elaborate and skilfully created Kylie bedding items, guaranteed to produce a relaxing and convivial atmosphere. The luxurious kylie bedding products have all been produced to an exceedingly high standard and lovers of spell-binding design work and gorgeously comfortable bedclothes will not be disappointed.

Kylie at Home - Alice Kylie Bedding

£10.61 - £106.08
Kylie at Home - Antique Lace Bedding

£13.26 - £110.50
Kylie at Home - Audrey White Kylie Bedding

£21.22 - £101.66
Kylie at Home - Edessa Kylie Bedding

£15.03 - £114.92
Kylie at Home - Erin Bedding

£13.26 - £79.56
Kylie at Home - Fortini Ivory Kylie Bedding

£17.68 - £92.82
Kylie at Home - Giana Bedding

£13.29 - £88.40
Kylie at Home - Kavala Kylie Bedding

£14.15 - £119.34
Kylie at Home - Kiana Kylie Bedding

£13.26 - £101.66
Kylie at Home - Rada Gold Kylie Bedding

£48.13 - £66.50
Kylie at Home - Safia Bedding

£14.40 - £72.00
Kylie at Home - Sequin Wave Plum Kylie Bedding

£12.38 - £101.66
Kylie at Home - Sequins Wave Kylie Bedding

£12.38 - £97.24
Kylie at Home - Voda Bedding

£10.60 - £88.14
Kylie at Home - Yarona Bedding

£7.20 - £64.80

The designs were all overseen by Kylie herself, bringing a warm personal touch and her own inimitable sense of fashionable elegance to the collection. Successfully merging a powerful sense of the dramatic with pure glamour, the Kylie at Home bedding collection delivers a treat for all lovers of exquisite prints, patterns and artistry. Ranging from stunning and crisp pure whites to soulful plum purple and impressive silver and charcoal hues, the rich colour palette on show is sure to put mind and body at ease. With up to fifteen different bedding sets to choose from, there is sure to be a style for the most particular of home ware connoisseurs. This selection of rare opulence and luxurious comfort from the Kylie at Home bedding range is sure to be the popular choice for those who love their bedroom furnishings of the optimum quality. In stock now, the range is available to all who expect the best.