Art is not produced in a vacuum. Despite some artist’s attempts to close themselves off in their own web of creativity, memories and inspirations from the outside world will always surround even the wildest of ideas. The forms and shapes found in nature in particular always have a bearing on an artistic output. Taking this further can produce stunning results, as seen here with the sculptural work of Laura Ellen Bacon.

The British artist’s work reflects her desire to build new forms, often complementing or abstracting the spaces that surround it (and us). as the artist explains: “my ambition for my work is to generate a kind of intrigue and an appeal that touches a powerful (and perhaps ancient) nerve that we cannot precisely locate.”

Photography: Laura Ellen Bacon

This sense of mystery is a truly powerful force in artistic creation and one that is capable of bringing the viewer of the piece into the constantly shifting cycle of observer, observed and location.

For more on Bacon and her work, check out her site.

May 10th, 2013

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