There are times in everyone’s life when all that can be done is to just sit and wait. But what if there is nowhere to sit? A busy railway station, an airport full of holiday makers, the hospital waiting room … all can be torturous if there is no free seating. This ingenious invention from Avihai Shurin takes some of the stress out of waiting around.

Named the ‘leaning rocker’, the design from the Israel based Shurin features a wooden backrest supported by a steel frame and can be set up on any bare wall.

Guaranteed to make waiting just that bit more bearable, the leaning rocker is a great example of a useful idea applied with imagination. More designs from Avihai Shurin can be found on the site.

Dotmaison have some fantastic designs for more traditional forms of seating available – featuring designs from Artifort, Zanotta and Flux – comfort is guaranteed… with no waiting around!

October 22nd, 2012

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