As anyone with an interest in home care can testify, nothing creates a more welcoming atmosphere in a well cared for home than the scent of fresh flowers. Those flowers have to have somewhere to reside in and it helps when vases come in such an interesting form as this. Known as the Heirloom Vase, this design from Paris based Benjamin Graindorge delicately frames flowers in a perfectly constructed loop.

The cases are created in three designs of ceramic in dark blue, yellow and light blue. One version has a small hood like enclosure, while the other two have bar like windows at the front.

Presenting flowers in such an original way, the heirloom is surely something to take pride of place. For more information on the work of Benjamin Graindorge, check his site.

Dotmaison have some equally stunning vases available over on the site. Items from the likes of LSA, Versace and Menu can give flowers the home they deserve… check them out!

February 11th, 2013

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