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Combining the creative desires of sketching and furniture design, the Drawing Series from Jinil Park is a fascinating range of steel wire furniture. The two chairs, two tables and a lamp give of the appearance of rough sketches brought into 3 dimensional form through studied design. “The key point of my work is the moments where… Read More

Plastic furniture1

Usually it would be the height of rudeness to call someone’s collection of furniture a load of rubbish, but in the case of Dutch designer Ruben Thier‘s original Organic Factory furniture it happens to be true! Created from reclaimed materials from factory floors and refuse sites, the collection brings together a fresh approach to designing chairs and… Read More

Tailored Suit Sofa1

There is nothing quite like a finely tailored suit to express a certain finesses and elegance to a person. When transposed onto seat or a sofa, a suite of seats can easily retain this particular class and fashionable authority. Designer Jorge Pensi certainly thought so, and his exploration of these ideas in his Afrika Sofa Collection highlights… Read More