photo © Noses Architects

The typical idea of a traditional Italian pizzeria and osteria, is one of an establishment based around simplicity and comfort, allowing the food to speak for itself. With their design for Rome’s Kook venue, the architectural company Noses Architects have challenged some of these customary notions.

photo © Noses Architects

The firm, founded by Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini, have successfully created a compelling space with a wide range of influences. Something of the quality hotel bar and reception filters through the relaxing eating space, while the contrast of the concrete floor with the wood finish creates an intriguing juxtaposition. The push bike fixed high upon one of the room’s walls give the space a homely edge, and one that imbues it all with a cheerful, joyous atmosphere.

photo © Noses Architects

Overall, the originality of the design brings a thoughtful element to the establishment. So if you happen to be in Rome, KOOK looks to be just the place to relax and enjoy a pizza – which, let’s face it is never too much to ask!

July 18th, 2013

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