How best to organise your money? It is a question that has bothered banks, families, businesses and financial advisers since, well, since its invention really. But not often has it been sorted out in such an artistic, creative way as this…

‘The Mendicant’ series of sculptures from Robert Wechsler organises the good old American penny into cubed lattices and explores ideas of patriotism, faith and civilisation.

Wechsler created the cubes by shaping and joining the pennies to one another in rows. The coins create a perfect symmetrical structure, allowing beams of light to stream in through the openings, giving the viewer a powerful, provocative experience.

All photos from Robert Wechsler

Asking questions of its audience concerning the power –  both monetary and spiritual – of money, Wechsler’s work is a potent examination of so called spare change…

January 10th, 2013

Posted In: Art and Design

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