The immensely prolific New York based designer Karim Rashid specialises in concepts of fluidity and movement – the celebration of flux coming together neatly in this work entitled ‘Kopperscape’ for Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, Canada. The five elements of chairs, sofa, chaise, side-table and bench have all been crafted out of fibreglass and painted a rich copper, calling to mind the Canadian copper penny.

Rashid also chose The bronze colour to bring to mind Canada’s rich royal tradition and some of the natural resources of oil, gas and minerals found in plentiful supply around Edmonton.

Also evoking images of Canada’s rolling, mountainous landscape, the work in the airport is a natural extention of Rashid’s work exploring movement, transition and depth.

For more on Karim Rashid simply visit  his website.

June 1st, 2012

Posted In: Interior Design

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