Without getting overly philosophical about it, our entire lives are made up of things. The necessary ordering and display of such things is central to all living environments, especially the home.  How you go about categorising such objects is the fundamental question at the heart of the Museum der Dinge in Berlin. Located on the top of a neighbourhood apartment block, this museum of things is an enjoyable look at the various styles, designs and modes of grouping dating from the start of the 20th century to now…

Above: The futurist influenced television, radio and hi-fi combination rests behind the more traditional 1950s Braun TV

Tracking the journey of the Werkbund group of industrial designers and commercial artists who helped shape the look of the modern home, the museum is a rich treasure trove of artefacts and items of curiosity.

The 20,000 or more ‘things’ – taking in everything from WWII propaganda to kitsch home-ware and comforts – point the way to a greater understanding of the ideas that make up design, form and specific use.

Find out more about the Museum der Dinge at their site.

January 31st, 2014

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