Wallpaper has become hugely popular again as a design trend in homes and there are some fantastic products around to work with. But to get the perfect wallpapered look in your home, how do you hang wallpaper?

Wallpaper doesn’t always have the best reputation, thanks in part to horror stories from people who’ve had problems papering their walls. Like any decorating skill, it does take a bit of careful work and time to get it right, but it’s certainly achievable.

When you buy your wallpaper, buy all the rolls you need in one go and double check their batch numbers, as you want your wallpaper to match and some batch numbers may have slightly different shades. Walls need to be prepared before you start, but if you’re a first time wallpaperer, it can make it easier to use lining paper – you get the practice in putting it up, and it provides a good surface to hang your nice new wallpaper on. For beginners, it’s also useful just to start with papering one wall, for example, if you are creating a focus or statement wall.

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Good tools are essential, so make sure you’ve got everything you need to hand, such as a paste table, pasting brush, sponge, tape measure, cutting knife, a bucket of water, scissors, tape measure, smoothing brush and a broom.

Decide which wall you’re going to start working on. If your wallpaper is plain, you could start in a corner, but if you’ve got a bold design, start in the middle of a wall. Cut all the lengths of wallpaper you’ll need for that wall, allowing about 10cm excess, and make sure the complete pattern will feature on the first piece you hang.

Put the paper on the paste table, and apply wallpaper paste in the centre, working out to the edges. Try and paste several sheets at a time, to allow the paste to soak in. If you have a broom, position it between two chairs to provide a temporary hanging area for pasted wallpaper.

Hang the wallpaper, starting at the top of the wall. Gently press it down, then use a brush to smooth over the paper and get rid of any air bubbles. It’s best to brush from the centre of the paper outwards to the edges. If you’ve cut the paper with a bit extra on the end – always best, in case the measurements are slightly out – gently crease the paper along the skirting board and cut the excess off.

Continue hanging the subsequent pieces, slightly overlapping them and making sure to match up any patterns. Ensure that all the edges are glued down properly, as you don’t want the edges to roll up in future. If you have too much paste on any piece, and it oozes out as your brush it down, then wipe it away with a sponge; if you leave the paste there, it will turn into a shiny glue spot.

It takes preparation and patience to do, but seeing the end result of your beautifully hung wallpaper on the wall can be very satisfying.

April 22nd, 2010

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