Giving an impression of vibrancy and life renewal is hugely important in all kinds of designer activities. That combination of the human brain and the natural world is not always an easy one to achieve, but if the inspiration and the effort can respond, the rewards are often impressive. This is certainly the case with Veronika Szalai‘s living furniture.

The talented designer scoured the area of her native Hagyaros Village in Hungary and hand weaved stray branches onto a living tree  into the basket perch’s formation. Made of willow, the perch is a perfect place to look out and contemplate the beautiful Hungarian countryside.

As the designer herself mentions the goal of the project was to blur the boundaries between nature and objects. In this goal she has undoubtedly succeeded.

For more on Veronika Szalalai please check out her site.

April 25th, 2013

Posted In: Eco Design, Product

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