Every discerning dining table needs a salt and pepper set, but gone are the days of plain and boring designs. Here are five of the best quirky and unusual salt and pepper sets!

1. Alessi Forest Gump Condiment Set

If you’d like to create a talking point on your table, then this Alessi Forest Gump condiment set is sure to do just that.

Made from thermoplastic resin, and hand decorated, the set is more than just salt and pepper, as it has a toothpick holder too. The two trees are the salt and pepper shakers and the small orange porcupine can hold toothpicks. Together they sit on a grass coloured stand, thanks to their magnetic bases.

This unusual set was made by Stefano Giovanni as part of the Orientales range, designed in conjunction with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.

2.  Cue n’8 Salt and Pepper Set

Made from two ‘used and bruised’ British 8 pool balls, this salt and pepper set would appeal to those who appreciate recycled homeware products and, of course, fans of pool.

The white cue ball has been converted to hold salt and the black 8 ball has become a pepper shaker.

3. Champagne Cork Salt and Pepper Set

For a stylish salt and pepper set that’s perfect for gracing the table at both formal dinner parties, and casual dining, then have a look at this silver-plated champagne cork set.

It’s an ideal set to give as a gift, but also has a practical function too. It’s in a shaker style, with the salt and pepper dispensed from the top of the cork.

4.  Wedgewood Golden Bird Salt and Pepper Set

Bird designs have been really hot in homeware products for a while and what better way to embrace it, than having these two birds on your dining table.

Made by Wedgewood and inspired by the designs from the 18th century Wedgewood Archive, and the English Arts and Crafts movement, these two elegant birds may be classically inspired, but are still very on trend today. With their creamy colour and simple gold edging, this salt and pepper set would fit in well with a variety of decors and tableware colours.

5. Herstal Ying Yang Salt and Pepper Pots

These steel salt and pepper shakers are made in the form of the ancient yin yang symbol.

Unlike other salt and pepper pots, the design of this cruet set means that they sit flat and low down on the table, rather than standing up. The two halves of the yin yang symbol can be arranged to form a circle, or be moved further apart. You can easily tell which is salt and which is pepper, as one half has a single hole shaker and the other has two holes.

May 14th, 2010

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