True lovers of tea will know that the soothing hot drink is best brewed in a pot. The lazy tea bag in a cup method might be quicker and involved less ‘work’, but it also results in a less satisfying cuppa. A teapot on the stove is one of the oldest methods but it brings with is the problem of not knowing when the water is hot enough. The designers at¬†Vessel Ideation have come up with a neat solution to this dilemma. Their ‘One’ teapot changes colour when the perfect temperature has been reached.

Made from enamel coated stainless steel, the ‘One’ pot produces a fantastic blue floral pattern when optimum temperature has been reached. ¬†Acting as a sort of global hypercolor for tea making, the product is certainly a curious invention!

Florentine tableware from Wedgwood at Dotmaison

For lovers of more traditional tea-making products, Dotmaison have a superb collection of tableware and products just right for tea time. The (above) superb designs from Wedgwood are one such collection that can bring a sense of class to every table. Happy tea time!

January 6th, 2014

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