An Artistic Staircase to the Sky

The best forms of art can provide a transporting effect or an exhilarating flight of fancy. NEXT Architects have taken these ideas of wonder in order to create this incredible sculptural staircase.  Located in Rotterdam, Holland, the piece is part of a local art project entitled the ‘elastic perspective’.

Offering visitors the chance to climb the steps and view the Rotterdam skyline, the piece is made up of a rust coloured strip. Based around the idea and principal of the Möbius strip – a surface with only one side – the stairs bend and turn seemingly without beginning or end.

Located in the Rotterdam suburb of Carnisselande, the designers set out to capture some of the ambiguous feelings attributed by the suburbanites towards their mother city.
As the designers put it; the stairway “forces them to retrace their steps back into their suburban reality. Rotterdam, by tram just minutes away, but in perception and experience tucked behind infrastructure and noise barriers; far away, so close.”

The Perfect Combination of Coffee and Books

There are few things in life more pleasurable than sitting down to relax in a welcoming environment with a coffee and a book. The designers of D’espresso a new coffee shop in New York certainly think so – their work firmly instils a gorgeous amount of literary glamour to the comfortable interior.

The group of designers, artists and architects at Nemaworkshop made use of uniquely printed tiles to give the appearance of stacks of paperbacks on the walls.  Offering visitors a relaxing and artistic environment to enjoy a fresh espresso, the coffee shop looks certain to be something of  a hit!

Enjoying the Garden this Spring

Eva Solo Garden Set of Tools

The wait is nearly over. Yes, Spring is about to Spring once again and it could well be the perfect time to try out some new ideas in the garden and outdoors. A good quality tool set is vital for the keen gardener, and the superbly designed one from Eva Solo is just that. Consisting of a digging trowel and a lifting fork, the set is available in cool grey or lively green.

Eva Solo rain gauge

Keeping ahead of what the weather is doing is essential for all gardeners, no matter what level of ability. The rain gauge from Eva Solo can show exactly how much rain has fallen in the night or whenever you’ve been away. As a means of assessing just how much hydration plants and flowers need it can be highly useful.

Misoni Rainbow Cushions

For perfect comfort in the garden and the great outdoors why not try out the relaxing styles of these fantastic cushions (above) ? Created by the style experts at Missoni, they and all the other items featured are available now at Dotmaison. Celebrate the Spring in the best possible way and get yourself outdoors and – hopefully –  into the sun!

The Intricacy of Miniature Pencil Sculptures

Every artist relies on the humble pencil to create, design and draw. However, not all of them contemplate incorporating the tool itself into their personal  artwork. But that is exactly what the Brazilian artist and designer Dalton Ghetti has taken on. The results, as can be seen here, are truly remarkable…

Ghetti explores many different subjects in his work, from political and sociological events to typographical designs such as the 26 letters of the English alphabet (above).

Ghetti’s painstaking approach to his work fully pays off time and again, with a detailed precision of handling the items maximising the effect. As he explains, “I use the sewing needle to make holes or dig into the graphite. I scratch and create lines and turn the graphite around slowly in my hand”. The technique certainly works and gives a whole new dimension to the stationary essential.

Pencil lovers can find out more at Dalton Ghetti.

Amazing bright holiday homes in South Korea

Bringing a vibrant sense of lively activity to their new holiday home designs, Studio Koossino’s artful buildings certainly stand out from the crowd. The South Korean designs are located at a botanic garden park just outside of the capital Seoul and make great use of bright yellow colours and an asymmetric structure.  Working beautifully as a relaxing conceptual series, the homes are evidence of a superb dedication to modern styling…

Influenced by the historic stone statues of Easter Island, the six bright holiday home residences make use of a heavy concrete base and cantilevered upper floors of stunning yellow panelling.

Photography is by Jae Seong Lee

The interiors also make use of this energetic yellow hue, contrasting with stately whites and greys. The homes act as a perfect welcome to the area and can leave visitors with a beautifully peaceful reminder of the area.

Homely Alpine Style in Switzerland

The majesty of the Alpine region of Switzerland can be the perfect environment for a homely bed and breakfast. One such fantastic retreat amidst the mountains and dramatic scenery is the Brücke 49. Located in the peaceful little village of Vals, the getaway is dedicated to an understated natural charm.

Originally built in 1902, the Brücke has been recently renovated to further heighten the opulence and luxury on show.  With a mixture of various design and materials, the interiors of the travel stay can leave guests perfectly relaxed.

Featuring spectacular views of the village and the imposing mountains a stay here can offer a memorable break.

Check out the site of Brücke 49 for more info.

Powerful LED Light Installations

The power of LED lighting is well known to the most creative of artists and designers. Making use of the visual stimulation of neon is something we know all too well at Dotmaison. The spectacular transporting effect of the material can offer a truly diverting look to a space. As an artistic tool it can a fantastic source of wonder…

The Berlin-based artist Hans Kotter is one such visual designer fully aware of the possibilities  put forward by the use of optical power and intensity. His handling of lights, sculpture and technology produce truly vivid installations. Offering a physical form to pure light, he houses some in glass boxes while others are positioned freely.  As a pure expression of the power of light, his work is an area that is constantly evolving.

And if all that display of light has inspired something in you, why not check out the
terrific neon art letters from Seletti. Available at Dotmaison now, they can offer every interior the neon glow!

An Eclectic Design For New Restaurant in Paris

A new restaurant in Paris shows off a beautifully structured design of sophisticated artistry. Created by the British designer Tom Dixon, the work is the first commissioned French restaurant interior  project from his design office,  Design Research Studio.

The Éclectic Restaurant uses a modern combination of brass, concrete marble and leather detailing to instil a fantastic atmosphere of relaxation ideal for fine dining.

Making use of materials and features familiar from 1970’s brutalist architecture, Dixon and his team have managed to create a fascinating sensual attraction of space and image. Food and style lovers may well be interested in a trip to Paris to experience it in its entirety!

Modern Hotel Design in Rural Iceland

Iceland is famous as a land of mystery and beauty. Home to a fascinating quality of romance and adventure, the far northern European island is the location for a stunning new hotel from the American design studio Minarc.

The ION Hotel is located in Nesjavellir, Iceland is less than an hour from the capital city of Reykjavík and contains a wealth of original design ideas. Inspired by the area’s myths and legends, the interiors make use of indigenous materials to create stunning looks in bedrooms and communal areas.

Making use of up-cycled and recycled material such as driftwood and pre-owned furniture, the stunning hotel is a great example of modern commitment to design and attractive style amidst a timeless, wild environment.

The Museum for Film and Television in Berlin

The museum’s entrance way (above) captures the transporting glory of the cinema.

Lovers of film, television and popular culture would be well advised to get themselves over to Berlin’s impressive museum for film and television. Tracing the history of the silver and the small screen from their very beginnings to the present day and beyond, the museum makes use of a vast area consisting of several floors and spaces.

Original artwork from the Fritz Lang classic ‘Metropolis‘ (1927)

Located in the city’s busy Potsdamer Platz district, the museum is a fantastic example of just how to organise a culturally rich attraction and learning space. Using a variety of mediums such as models, paintings, artworks and the cinema screens themselves, the museum can be an endless source of wonder.

Showing exactly just what is possible in a modern museum space, the Museum für Film und Fernsehen (film and television museum) is a perfect example of not only the power of the cinema, but also the potential of museums to excite and intrigue…