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Outdoor lighting

Sometimes when the sun goes down you just want to keep on enjoying your evening. Luckily for those of us who like to stretch out the night for as long as possible, there is a whole world of attractive and efficient outdoor lighting features dedicated to night owls everywhere. At Dotmaison there is a splendid collection of outdoor lighting… Read More

XL Boom

The fine design and practical manufacture of household items created to bring extra excitement into the home has always been a priority for XL Boom. Founded in 1997 by Ann De Cock and Geert-Jan Van Cauwelaert, the firm has developed a specialist range of tableware, accessories and indoor and outdoor home items. The pair of designers… Read More

Kate Spade Thermal Flask

As many of us well know, modern life is something of a whirlwind. The need to get from home to work to busy social engagements – with venues often changing location at a moment’s notice – can often leave us needing to take comfort in the most accessible forms of refreshment. A selection of the… Read More