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The concept of ‘hygge’ is an essential notion in the hearts of Danish people. The idea, roughly translated as warm convivial coziness, gets to the very epicentre of how and why people can feel comfortable at home. As with many other ideas from Scandinavian lands, the idea of hygge (pronounced variously as ‘hoo-guh’ or ‘hur-gah’)… Read More


Autumn has now officially started, and for many of us that brings with it the appreciation  of the harvesting of new ideas, new tastes and new flavours. In an agricultural sense, this usually means the collection of fruit,vegetables and corn, but the energetic and creative activity can also apply to new ideas at home. Innovative ways to… Read More


Here at Dotmaison we believe that  a combination of creativity and practicality can go a long way to improving the everyday. Just think of the things you have in your home around you. It’s the items that you rely on everyday that really make a difference. If they have been designed and produced to a… Read More