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When you greet guests into your home you want them to instantly feel comforted and enjoy their surroundings. One of the easiest ways to create that feeling in your home is to accessories your living room with gorgeous pieces that give it a unique style and personality. You can make it feel as formal or as comfortable as you want simply by using the accessories that you place in your home.

A great way to accessorize your living room is with things like vases, bowls, dishes, even rugs and luxurious cashmere throws. A good rug can warm up the feeling of an entire room, and the same can be said for a gorgeous cashmere throw. Beautiful vases, bowls and dishes can instantly add the finishing touches to truly beautify your living room and make it feel complete.

There are many places where you can find accessories for your living room. However, you will find that if you trust in a few well known designers such as LSA, Missoni, Alessi and Eva Solo, that you can pull off a well coordinated look that will last for years. The quality of a good rug is imperative if you want it to last. A cashmere throw is more than simply a throw when it is a high quality designer cashmere throw that is going to retain its beauty season after season. And the vases, bowls, and dishes that you use to accessorize your living room can say a lot about the quality of the other things in your home and life. So, donít settle for dime store knock offs, instead go for the truly good stuff when you trust in your favorite trusted designers like LSA, Missoni, Alessi and Eva Solo for your living room decorating needs.